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I have a Sony Desktop water cooled case that is running a Pentium D dual
core 2.8 - pretty high temp chip.  The chip has no fan just an alum. plate
and four copper tubes running to a heat sink with a fan about 120MM.  I am
not certain how the alum. plate is adhered to the MB other than there are
four posts at each corner with a tall Philips head screw.  The chip position
appears to be the same as I have a micro ATX MB and will replace it with the

 I'd like to upgrade the MB to a quad chip and from what I understand newer
chips are running cooler than the one I have.  And I'd like to keep the case
and the rest of the components.  I need to avoid the expense of a new

Will my water cooled system handle the heat from a quad ?  Are these two
chips the same height off the MB ?

Re: Micro ATX / water cooled question

On Sat, 7 Mar 2009 17:42:38 -0700, "Wonderman"

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You can Google for the TDP of your CPU and tell us what that
is,  then we have less legwork to do.  If there are 4
screws, it's screwed through the heatsink base into a
backplate.   The important thing to remember about such an
arrangement is that before you take the last screw out,
you'll want to temporarily put the screws back in two of the
other holes after swiveling the heatsink, so the backplate
stays in the right position without having to take the whole
motherboard out.

Then when putting it back on, reverse the procedure, put a
heatsink screw back in, then take out others in turn.

Generally speaking, you can go ahead and replace the CPU.
If worst comes to worst you will just replace the 120mm fan
with one having higher RPM/airflow, or strap a 2nd fan onto
the other side of the heatsink.  You haven't made clear the
water-cooled aspect of this system, but if it's designed
well then even if the replacement processor had higher TDP,
it will still be ok as it wouldn't be THAT much higher.

Re: Micro ATX / water cooled question

Thank you for your reply -

This is the exact cooler -


Seems like the wattage wont be that much of an issue.  I'll have to get a
drawing of the new MB and compare but it seems like I can do this.  I
figured there was a back plate on the reverse side to grab the screws.  I'll
just need to acurately compare the two boards for the location of the chip.

Thanks again !

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