memtest86... bit of help

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just ran it

as i have had problems for a long time

sys spec is

AMD Athlon XP 2600
80gb IDE hdd
Gainward GeForce5200 256MB
MSI KT6V Motherboard
Crucial DDR333 PC2700 512MB (purchased brand new)

i have been getting CRC errors while installing big games and extracting
large files, this suggested to me a memory error

So for ages i had been meaning to run memtest86

i finally got round to it this evening

i ran it for 30 minutes

there were something like 4200 Errors thats four thousand two hundred!!!!

and only a pass rate of 3%

now after 3 minutes is this normal or is the memory i'm using totally FUBAR?

should i run memtest again for a longer length of time or is 4200 errors and
3% pass after 30 minutes conclusive evidence that i was right about
suspecting the problems (which i have had for a very very long time) with
CRC errors and IRQ errors were to do with the bad memory?

also i believe all crucial memory comes a lifetime warranty does it not? if
so could i go about returning it to crucial to get a replacement?

any advice would be greatly appreciated



Re: memtest86... bit of help

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With that many errors, it might not be the memory module
itself.  Try reseating it.  Some mainboards don't care what slot
you use -- check your mainboard manual -- you might try
another slot.

-- Bob Day

Re: memtest86... bit of help

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i forgot to mention

i have had the problems with a previous board

an Abit NF7 2.0

plus that required the memory be in slot 1, as does this current board, so i
cant try it in another slot

Re: memtest86... bit of help

Christo wrote:
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Try a single memory DIMM at a time.   Try a good DIMM in each slot.
Turn down the buss rate and maybe the CPU clock until no errors result.

Re: memtest86... bit of help

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there should be *no* errors at all...
even if you run the test for 24 hours

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