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    I'm trying to run a Memtest on my computer. It tells me I should run
2 programs simultaneously for best results. How can I get it to run 2
separate programs at the same time? It won't let me get past the
advisory msg. Thanks.

Re: memtest procedure

Ed Mc wrote:
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You boot with the memtest cd or floppy

you do not run Windows at all

Re: memtest procedure

philo wrote:
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    Thanks Philo, I downloaded from some place called HCI Design. They
advertise it as a program that "runs under windows". I was under the
impression I just ran it from Windows. You set me straight and now all
is well.

Re: memtest procedure

Ed Mc wrote:
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thanks for posting back

if the tester found any problems at all
no need to run any the RAM is bad

if it runs for many hours with no problems
the RAM is probably good...

Re: memtest procedure

Ed Mc wrote:
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Perhaps you could describe exactly what you did with the files you
downloaded from the web site ? Did you prepare media with the files ?
What procedure did you use ?


When you download a ".iso" file from the web, you need a burner
program to handle that. The burner program must know how to
parse an ISO9660 file, and make a bootable CD from it. Nero is a
program that knows how to do that. If you want a free program,
try Imgburn.

You can't just copy the .iso file to a CD in Windows, as then the
CD won't be bootable. The .iso file not only contains a file system,
it also contains the information to prepare the part of the CD that
supports booting.

The reason memtest is a self-booting piece of media, is so that
there is no operating system present during the test. When memtest
is booted using floppy, CD, or USB flash stick, basically the
computer bootstraps itself using just the executable file provided
by the memtest developer. None of the other trappings of an OS
are present. Video cards have standard VESA modes that they support
and basic frame buffering capabilities. A program like memtest
should be able to display a 640x480 screen on most computers, using
those basic facilities. It is adherence to some hardware standards,
that makes it possible for a small program like that, to run all by
itself, without an OS to help.

Since there is no OS, there is no space wasted to hold an OS.
Almost all the memory in the computer is testable as a result.
Only 1MB of memory is reserved by the BIOS, and memtest pays
attention to any reservations signaled by the BIOS. It won't
write an area the BIOS is using.


Re: memtest procedure

Paul wrote:
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    Thank you Paul, I followed the instructions and finished the testing.
Everything passed after a couple hours. I'll probably run it again
tonight as I go to bed, then check in morning.
    Thanks again for very informative reply. I have already saved a few
of your responses (to other posts) in my 'Save These' folder, for
future reference.

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