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how do i know what kind of memory do i have installed on my pc?

Re: memory Ram upgrade

Dave C. wrote:
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     I have Comcast phone, TV, and Internet.  Although it was a problem at
first, they found a bad connection in the feed and eventually it worked
(and works) fine.  It seems the phone is on a sideband that is of a
lower frequency and the problem was only noticeable on uploads for the
Internet and the phone service.  Downloads and the cable TV were unaffected.

Re: memory Ram upgrade

Robert wrote:
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If you're looking to upgrade, knowing what you already have installed is
of secondary importance.  Foremost, should be what your motherboard
supports for several reasons:

1) There generally are not a lot of slots on a mainboard, so you may
find it expedient to fill them new RAM rather than just adding to what
you already have.

2) Some mainboards have two sets of slots for different memory
standards, like DDR and DDR2, for instance.  If you currently have DDR
that shouldn't deter you from considering DDR2.  (You won't be able to
use both standards at once, but that may not be much of an issue.  See
#1 above.)

3) It's possible that your existing memory is not optimal for your
mainboard.  Maybe you can utilize faster memory than you currently have.
  Checking your mainboard user guide will help you figure that out.

What motherboard do you have?

Re: memory Ram upgrade

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Well, this's another big question: what motherboard do i have? How do
i know the max speed (or the optimal one) that my pc mb supports?


Re: memory Ram upgrade

Robert wrote:
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The most reliable way to determine your motherboard is to take a look at
it.  Often times the model will be printed somewhere between the
expansion slots.  Take care to look for a revision/version number, as
this is sometimes relevant.  Use google to figure out if what you're
reading off the board is in fact a model number.

Alternately, you can use software, like Everest Home Edition, that can
(mostly) tell what motherboard you have without having to crack the case.

Re: memory Ram upgrade

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CPU-Z is a great utility for finding the basics of your system - its small
hence quick to dld.

it'll identify CPU type, speeds, multipliers, voltage use
as well as Motherboard type and RAM type, speed, voltage and basic timings

for more detailed info try either SiSoft Sandra or Everest Home Edition

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