memory question (ping kony?)

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Dumb question... I have an HP a1310n desktop with 4 memory slots - all

I'm new to 'dual channel' in terms of memory... it was on the memory stick I
just bought...

What does this mean in terms of my motherboard?  According to the HP web
site, the motherboard is an ASUS model A8AE-LE.  The HP/Compaq name is
AmberineM-GL6E.  The chipsets are RS482 Northbridge and SB400 Southbridge.
I would assume that these are AMD's own chipsets.

Anyway, the chipset has a Dual-channel memory architecture with 4 x 184-pin
DDR DIMM sockets support unbuffered non-ECC 4 GB 400/300 MHZ DDR memory

I have a 1 gig stick in slot 1, and a 512 in slot 2, and a 512 in slot 3,
slot 4 is empty... (actually slot 0-3) - I have no intentions of adding any

Is this an optimum way of installing them - largest in the first Slot?

Thank you!



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