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I have just set up an elderly PC with a MyComp VP3-586B-W877 motherboard
running an AMD K2 450mhz.   Old, I know, but it does all that is required.
The PC originally had one 128mb SDRAM module which was in the first of three
banks and was recognised and worked fine.   I added a second 128mb SDRAM
module and it only recognised a total of 191mb.   I then added a third
module, this time 32mb to try and up the total but I still only get 191mb.
I ran Sisoft Sandra and that is reporting 64mb in each of the three banks.

I am now totally confused.   Does anyone have any idea what is happening?
All thoughts gratefully received.

The PC is now back with its owner and I won't see it for some weeks but I'd
like to have some ideas to try when the opportunity arises.

Keith Willcocks
(If you can't laugh at life, it ain't worth living!)

Re: Memory Query

Keith wrote:
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    Two things I would suggest if you have not already done so:  First
check the manual on the MB to see if there are any restrictions with
regard to what type and size of memory can be installed.  Second I would
run a thorough memory test on each stick individually, before combining
it with another stick.  Sometimes a defective stick will read less than
its total capacity and when combined with another stick also reduce its
usable capacity.

Re: Memory Query

The second 128 MB DIMM might be recognized as 64 MB because it has higher
density chips than the memory controller is designed for. This is a very common
problem. I suspect that the original DIMM has 8 chips and the second DIMM has 4
(higher density) chips. The total memory recognized would be 192 MB, or 191 MB
extended memory. Sisoft Sandra is obviously wrong. Do as Ken suggested and test
each DIMM individually.

Keith wrote:
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                   Mike Walsh
            West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

Re: Memory Query

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Thanks Mike, that makes perfect sense.  Unfortunately, because the British
Telecom news server is somewhat less than reliable (you could even say
totally unreliable), Ken's reply did not appear, but I gather he suggested
trying each DIMM individually to see what registers.   I will try that, but
your point does make perfect sense.

Many thanks
Keith Willcocks
(If you can't laugh at life, it ain't worth living!)

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