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Hi everyone, I have a 6835 Hp pavilion , that has only 2 memory slots ,
originally there was 2 pc100 , 64mb sticks of ram, I have done research and
found the is good for determining what memory is compatible with
my pc , according to crucial, it says it will accept pc133 ram alright , so
I go ahead and bought a stick of pc133, 250mb of ram and I almost went crazy
trying to make it work , tried to install it every way you can imagine and
know its time to ask for advice , that is why im here.

I read somewhere that because the pc133 , 128mb of ram has only 4 chips and
the same amount of ram but pc100 has eight , that could be causing it
problems. I just bought this ram I hope i dont have to sell it lol and get
me a pc 100 ram.

Re: Memory problems - pc133

Jimmy R wrote:
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You have a high density vs low density issue. You should have purchased
directly from Crucial instead of trying to be cheap with proprietary

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Re: Memory problems - pc133

you went to crucial for the compatibility chart for the speed info but
failed to purchase a compatible 133 module.

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Re: Memory problems - pc133

On Fri, 16 Sep 2005 13:22:19 -0700, JAD thoughtfully wrote:

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Re: Memory problems - pc133

Here is the HP website link for your specific computer. PC 133 will work as
long as it is unbuffered. The HP site does mention that it can support 512Mb
of ram but then below says the max chip size is 128Mb. With 2 slots you can
do the math and figure that max is 256Mb so I would probably call HP on this
one to determine if the motherboard can use a 256 chip. It is probably a
typo but it wouldnt hurt to ask HP. I have spoken to their tech support
several times (I do HP repairs from time to time) and everyone I have spoke
with has seemed knowledgeable on their systems. Hope that helps.

Re: Memory problems - pc133

On Fri, 16 Sep 2005 06:56:37 -0700, "Jimmy R"

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"PC133" is only a maximum speed rating for memory.  It
doesn't tell you any of the other physical parameters for

On the other hand, there's "odds".  If you went to a local
retail store, particularly a general purpose store rather
than a computer superstore, and bought "PC133", odds are it
will be higher density memory than the "PC100" counterpart.
BUT, it doesn't "have" to be, and indeed there was a brief
period in the past when there was a good availability of low
density PC133 memory... to put it another way, just about
any memory you would buy these days, if manufacturered in
the past couple years, can be expected to run at 133MHz even
if it's only called "PC100" memory.  Unfortunately the most
popular differentiation between PC100 and PC133 today is the
density, a silly marketing concept because "most" systems
that used PC100 memory initially, need low-density memory.

If your PC133 memory has only 4 chips, yes it is high
density and needs replaced.  You might as well just buy
PC100 memory.  Of course it's more expensive, as would be
expected since it needs twice as many chips.

You should be able to use 256MB per slot with double-sided
modules, so 2 slots would mean 512MB total.  256MB PC100
modules seem to be less common though, I would wonder if you
really should pour a lot of money into a system so old and
slow- Intel 810 system with integrated graphics is slow even
for THAT era of system, let alone today.

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