Memory: Crucial specs

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Memory:  Crucial specs

Things are fine now, except for whatever my first thread tonight
brings up, but for a while I was worried I had wasted money buying the
wrong RAM.

During my troubles in the previous two threads, I suddenly had the
fear that I had not followed Paul's advice diligently enough.  I
coudln't remember the details of what I'd done.

That is, I intended to but had I really made sure to buy low-density?

I found the ad for the memory I bought and it clearly said "low
density", but he could be wrong.  Before I bought, I had looked up the
RAM on the Crucial webpage, and I didn't notice at the time that
strangely, it doesn't say what the density is.  
1) Isn't that pretty sloppy of them?  Incredibly bad?

Then I googled the part number and found other people asking the same
question about the same part.

***** 2) Is it true what someone said that if there are 16 chips on
the stick, it is low density?  (Is that because with high density, all
the RAM could be squeezed into 8 chips?)

A question with a non-answer by Crucial:

( product link shortened)
"33 of 35 people found the following review helpful:
1.0 out of 5 stars Be Warned, August 18, 2008
By Netadmin - See all my reviews
This review is from: Crucial Technology CT12864Z335 1GB 184-Pin PC2700
333Mhz DIMM DDR RAM Memory (Electronics)
1 star our of 5.  Nothing in the description indicates this is high
density memory and will not work in 90% of the older computers out
there that need low density memory.

I used the configurator at Crucial and it correctly told me the type
of memory I needed but it cost twice as much as the memory here.
Thinking that Crucial was trying to rip me off I bought the memory
listed on this page only to find it did not work. Turns out Crucial
was trying to steer me straight not rip me off. Don't make the same
mistake I did and think just because it says 1GB 184-Pin PC2700 333Mhz
DIMM DDR RAM that is all you need to know to match it correctly to
your PC. "

OTOH, two other people loved it.

I kept looking and found one page with a bunch of stores that sell
CT12864Z335, and so far none say whether it is low density or not,
maybe because they are relying on the Crucial page for info?

OTOH, here's a webpage that maybe sells only low-density memory!
(At least I suppose they mark it if it's not.)
And it does list it.   But they might be wrong too.  :)  Why doesn't
Crucial say?

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