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Hello all,

What is the reason to buy 1  memory stick for 1 gb  vs.  2 x  512mb
sticks?  Is the memory sold by Mwave OK does anybody know?  Is it
worth it to specify Kingston?  I am not a big gamer but I want good
performance but also am trying to save a few bucks where it is
possible without getting a dog of a system.


Re: Memory configurations

On Fri, 15 Jul 2005 02:45:18 GMT,

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It only uses one slot.  That allows more memory later should
you need more.  It may allow more stability too as some
boards run better with 2 modules than 3.  Most will run 2 ok
so it's more of a future-issue than an isolate decision of
only 1GB vs 2 x 512MB.

Then there's dual-channel mode.  If your board supports it
and you're sure you won't need more than 1GB total, that's a
reason to get 2 x 512MB instead as the performance will be
marginally higher, or a lot higher if you have integrated
video and are trying to use it for 3D uses.

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Buy based on brand, only consider if the seller is
trustworthy, good return policy, etc.

Kingston makes some decent memory but their budget grade is
slower than some, in that it's most often CAS3.  I recommend
using no (higher), slower than CAS2.5, or CAS2 if the budget
allows it while still buying a name-brand.

You shouldn't be worried much about "dog of a system", as
the difference between high-end memory and low-end is only a
single-digit percentage for most uses.  Plus we don't even
know the performance level of the rest of your system,
spending an extra $100 might have more performance benefits
elsewhere than memory timings.  If you're overclocking,
that's another reason to choose faster memory as it allows
higher margin, flexibility in choosing timings.

Generally speaking the best value is name-brand budget grade
CAS2.5 from Mwave or whoever your favorite vendor is.

Re: Memory configurations

On Fri, 15 Jul 2005 02:45:18 GMT, wrote:

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The main reason to buy huge capacity mem sticks is because you only
have a few slots so if you want to add a lot of mem you should buy
large sticks. The other is sometimes some boards have problems with
multiple sticks. Not so much 2 but when you start adding more some
boards have big problems.

The downside is larger sticks after a certain size tends to cost more
for the size they are. The other is people with dual mem systems - if
you use two sticks its slightly faster. The nforce 2 can use dual mem
and the 939 and 940 - the 754 sockets dont have that feature but its
not a big deal.

Re: Memory configurations

On Fri, 15 Jul 2005 02:45:18 GMT, wrote:

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Oh yeah brands - there are prem brands like Corsair , Crucial etc but
they in the past tended cost more though all prices are falling now.

Then theres the low cost brands like Kingston, Patriot, PNY, Centon
etc These are found everywhere like Office Max, Compusa , etc and are
often discounted super cheap for certain types of sticks. People
generally say they are better in general than generic noname sticks
you get at some places. For one thing they are large firms with
usually lifetime warranties and easy to exchange if you have problems.

In the past I had no problems period with them from 2100 to 3200. But
as Ive frequently posted , since the current wave of sales Ive had
problems. The older 3200 sticks I got were all CL 2.5 which I had no
problems. Ive got 3 sticks so far of the new stuff at various sales
from CC to compusa - Kingston, Centon and PNY and they are all CL 3 .
One didnt work at all in my board.  The other two work OK alone but
not with any of my CL 2.5 sticks.  I returned all of them. I havent
tried using two CL 3 sticks together so I dont know if the key is to
just use them with other new 3200 sticks that are CL 3.  The last two
I bought did work by themselves jsut not with the CL 2.5 in any combo
of slots.

I assume the CL cheapo stuff thats really being discounting now is OK
in general with many systems or you would find tons of complaints
everywhere. However my old CL 2.5 sticks I know work great with my old
nforce2 board in dual mem and with my new nforce4 so ideally Id rather
just get that for my current 939 system but will probably go for
cheapo CL 3 stuff for my new 754 socket Im getting since I assume its
going to come with the new CL 3 stuff.


Re: Memory configurations wrote:
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I agree with getting a brand name rather than a generic no-name.  I was
getting BSOD and so ran Memtest86.  One of my sticks came up with tons
of errors so I just ordered some new ram.  One thing I wanted to
mention is that if you buy OEM, you usually only get a 1 year warranty
through the site you buy from.  If you buy retail sticks, then most
companies have a lifetime warranty.  The stick I'm replacing was a
no-name generic brand.  You might want to check to
find your best price.

Re: Memory configurations

On 15 Jul 2005 18:17:22 -0700, wrote:

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When my Kingston 3200 stick went bad they were really cool. I thought
they would weasel out of it but it was no hassle at all and I got the
stick within a week and half.  And it was the same type like I
mentioned.  I thought for sure they were going to replace the older CL
2.5 stick I got from 04 with one of the new frequently on sale CL 3
sticks but nope they didn't -- they gave me an exact replacement.

Kingston also went through the trouble of issuing me a new rebate
check. I got a $30 buck rebate check for some stick which I found
under my bed expired. I wrote to them wondering if they could issue me
another and they did though it took several calls and emails.

Rebate wise in the US Ive got the fastest rebates from PNY - video
card and mem.  Mem rebates tend to be very slow overall though for
some reason. The video card rebates seem to be fast. Kingston is slow
but not the worst. Centon is sloooowwwwwwwwwwww.  Still thats compared
to other mem firms.  

The slowest rebates in my experience come from Antec , Belkin  with
Maddog fairly famous for being slow, lots of complaints (Im waiting
for 4 of them now one from the beg of the year) but Antec and Belkin
may have them beat for slowness.  I got them all but some may actually
take 6-8 months !

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