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I am about to buy a 1G stick of Corsair XMS Extreme DDR400, but need to know
whether it is compatible with my motherboard - MSI K7N2 Delta-L. I can't
find anything on the Corsair or MSI websites, except a passage saying the
nforce2 chip doesn't support x4 memory in 1G form, but "could" support other
sizes such as x8, x12. Does anyone know if the Extreme stick is compatible
or not?
Thanks guys.  

Re: Memory Compatibility

Richard Wardle wrote:
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You don't state the part number of the module, so I'm betting on the
CMX1024-3200C2. Should be fine to a maximum of three 1GB modules on the K7N2

Re: Memory Compatibility

Richard Wardle wrote:
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Corsair has a memory configurator, that will return a list of compatible memory.

Generally speaking, Ebay is the main source of 1GB DDR memory using x4 chips.
The module is typically not a name brand (although the chips might be). Just
because the chips are Samsung brand, does not mean the Ebay module was made
by Samsung. With the Ebay RAM, there usually isn't a brand name of the
company that made the module itself (they prefer to hide in the dark).
Samsung might be mentioned, as a sucker play.

Most branded RAM, like Crucial, Kingston, Corsair and the like, would be
safe. I've only spotted mention of one violator of the rules, on Newegg
(a reviewer stated he had a problem and figured it out).

Most companies would be too afraid of warranty returns and complaints,
to make unbuffered 1GB DDR modules with x4 chips. x4 chips on registered
DDR modules, on the other hand, are fine, and a mainstream configuration
for server memory in the past. That is where those chips should be going,
into registered modules.


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