MemCard for HP Mini 210-1100?

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What memory cards can I buy to plug into a HP Mini 210-1100?

How do they compare with a USBstick?

Or are the memory cards just for devices like cameras, which
don't take a USBstick?

Or for cell phones?

And cards are potentially faster than USB, which has only
4 wires?

== TIA.

Re: MemCard for HP Mini 210-1100? schrieb:

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Dunno, look into your manual or ask HP.

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Memory cards are solely for storing data, while USB sticks can have
quite different functionality.

Some USB sticks allow to insert a memory card into them, or have one

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Cards install *into* a device, while attached USB sticks affect the
handling of the device (form factor). Thus cards are better suited for
permanent insertion, while sticks should be removed after data transfer.

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Depends on the concrete storage technology inside the device. Serial
data transfer (USB, SATA) must not necessarily be slower than from
memory cards or [P]ATA. Often the access to the physical storage medium
is much slower than the transfer of the data, so that parallel transfer
doesn't improve anything.


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