media cable without connector

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Does anyone know if it's possible to buy and attach a connector to a
media cable that is missing the connector?  I bought a media cable on
ebay to plug into my HP laptop but the connecting end just has three
little white squares which have four wires each going into them...
obviously they cant plug into the laptop without the expansion port
connector... at least it's not obvious how they possibly could?  this
link will show what the cord looks like, i was too naive to understand
that it was missing something....

'HP ALL-IN-ONE MEDIA CABLE XC2000 XC-2000 PH675A/U - eBay (item
220238703494 end time May-30-08 12:03:10 PDT)'
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Re: media cable without connector

On Thu, 12 Jun 2008 12:15:29 -0500, sweetjen34

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yes it is possible, if you can find the right connector but
a "media cable" is not really the right description of
exactly what this cable is or does, what kind of connectors
it is supposed to have.

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Does your notebook have the actual (analog) audio, SPDIF,
and video ports on it?  If so, buy the mating connectors to
those and solder 'em on.

If not, what is the "expansion port connector"?  You may
need be able to find such a mating connector to this,
determine it's pinout, then you can solder the ends of your
media cable to it.  Whether it is easier or possible to do
all this or there is no information to be found about it I
cannot say, it might be easier to just buy the
laptop-specific part this was supposed to connect to instead
of trying to DIY.

Re: media cable without connector

Unfortunately the actual cable is very hard to find.  All the sites I go
to are
sold out.  This is because it is being used as a power cord
alternative due to
so many HP laptops having their power pins come loose
from the motherboards and
the soldering to fix that doesnt last long.  
It's supposed to plug in to the expansion port (pretty sure) but it's
that end piece.  :/

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