Maxtor Onetouch 2 fail

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Have this drive and it's failed.  When i turn on the switch at the back i
can hear the drive spin up (without touching the button at the front of the
drive!)  When trying to turn on the unit using the onetouch switch at the
front, nothing.  I took the unit apart (voiding the warranty (i know i'm
Stupid) but desperate to get some data from the drive) thinking a loose
cable or wire.  However couldn't find the problem.  Checked the internal
voltages all ok and the onetouch button makes a circuit when pressed.  So i
think i need to replace the control board, anyone have any ideas where i can
get one?  The part number is jhm51435267.

Many thanks in advance.

Re: Maxtor Onetouch 2 fail

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Jan Alter
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Re: Maxtor Onetouch 2 fail


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IF you feel you can reassemble it completely, and it is
still under warranty, I would try to get the warranty
fulfilled.  This is only within the context of it having
failed prior to your opening it, because it is unreasonable
for them to expect you to suffer complete data loss if that
is avoidable.

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Take the drive out of the enclosure and connect it to a
known working desktop system (or another external
enclosure).   Preferribly to to a desktop box so you can run
the Maxtor diagnostics on it AFTER trying to copy off the

If necessary, contact Maxtor and ask them for an advanced
replacement (they will need a credit card and give you
(IIRC) 30 days to return the old unit before billing you for
the new one, of course not billing for the new one if/when
they receive the old one having been authorized for RMA).
Then you could put old drive in new enclosure, attempt to
copy off data, then reassemble old enclosure with old drive
in it, and return it.  It would be easier to just put the
old drive in your system temporarily, IMO.

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You won't be able to get one, most likely.  Maxtor and
others typically sell these as complete products and do not
offer replacement parts for entire integral circuit board.
Are you certain it isn't the power supply?  Such small
supplies are fairly prone to fail, if you had a multimeter
I'd suggest taking voltage readings.  This is all a
secondary suggestion, first I would install it in a desktop
system and (attempt to) copy off the data.

Re: Maxtor Onetouch 2 fail

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The button on the front just starts a program on your computer & does
not require pressing in order for the PC to see the drive.
You don't say whether the OS can see the drive. Look in 'My
Computer->Hard Disk Drive' section after switching on at the back.

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