Maxtor external problem :-((

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Hi Hardware people,

My Maxtor external drive (one touch 200 gb firewire) is having a problem.
My PC (XP) does not recognize the disk as an external one. It says it
has an internal M: drive, but clicking the icon only brings forth the
question whether I want to format the drive (NO, of course!!!)
This was the same at another PC.

I have some questions:
1. Anybody knows how to solve this problem??

And if not:
2. I could bring it to the shop, and they send it to Maxtor. But what
can I expect from that....I like a fixed drive, but I hope my data
(pictures especially and mp3's) are still on it then. they fix
and format, or are they more considerate.

And if not:
is there a possibility to do some file recoveries on this drive...?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Maxtor external problem :-((

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Try to explore it under a linux system.

Thomas Hoffmann

Re: Maxtor external problem :-((

Thomas Hoffmann wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yeah, maybe I should try that...thanx. Sorry, I missed this response....


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