Maxtor External Drive Failure

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I have a 120 gig external maxtor drive (USB connector) that has failed.
 I get a generic I/O error when I try accessing data on the drive.  The
OS (XP) can see the drive but thats about it.  Chdks gives me a generic
I/O error.  Also, the OS seems to be busy trying to access the disk
which makes running programs very difficult (since its busy).  No
strange noises.  I am thinking the FAT table or some early section of
the disk now contains bad sectors or something.

I've tried Norton and someone tried partition magic without luck at
getting at the data.  Of course, I need the data back (regardless of
cost).  I wanted to know what my best options are?  If someone has any
experience with a good recovery house let me know.  Here are some
options I am considering :

1 - Slide drive out of external case and hook up to my IDE channel and
run Maxtor's powermax utility.

2 - Download R-Studio and On recovery and see if they can read the
drive data.

3 - Just send it in to a reputable data recovery house and pay the big

Can someone recommend an approach?


Re: Maxtor External Drive Failure

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Your 1st idea is the way to go. And you could try `pci_filerecovery`.
best wishes..OJ

Re: Maxtor External Drive Failure

Hi Pat,

 Since your drive is not making funny noises, I would go ahead with
step 1 first and then try some of the freeware data recovery tools like
NTFS Reader. That might do the trick. Here are some freeware data
recovery tools:

Best of luck!

Re: Maxtor External Drive Failure

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Try this, but first try to copy off the data, not further
exercising the drive by running the diagnostics yet.
Powermax can diagnose a bad drive but it will not recovery
any data nor "fix" a drive in an unreadable state to the
extent that prior data is then readable.

Re: Maxtor External Drive Failure

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Try the freezer trick, it's worked for me on several occasions -

Pull the drive out of the external case
Stick it in a ziploc bag and put it in the freezer overnight
Next morning hook it up to your system but just let it float (don't screw it
in the case) and keep the ziploc bag on (for condensation)
Try and get as much data off the drive if possible (sometimes you'll get a
half hour or more, sometimes just a couple of minutes)

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Re: Maxtor External Drive Failure says...
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When all else has failed, such as when you have maybe smoked the PCM
to the drive, and it just cannot be read, I have performed this disc
surgery with success.  

It calls for buying a second-hand drive of the same make and model
cheap, and opening both for disc plate exchange ... one at a time,
and carefully. Naturally in dust-free room and no smoking on the job.

If your data is worth this minor expense to try, then you're ahead.
Otherwise, forensic data recovery costs big, big cash. If not
successful, you just lost the cost of the second-hand drive (which
might just still work when re-assembled.)

This is how the big boys do it, anyway.  Now, go make some money
for yourself.

P.S. I am looking for a replacement Maxtor PCB just for doing this

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