Matrix-style work environment

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I'd like to set up a Matrix-style work environment with TFT screens, 1 in
the middle, 4 around.

One workstation would use the middle and two lateral monitors (tool bars on
one, media player on the other) while 2 servers would use the 2 top

I just want to do that for the fun of it and also for the practicality. I am
tired of the Belkin box crapping up on me two, so I'd rather have a monitor
on each server as well.

I am looking for your advice on what to get as far as TFT screens and what
type of hardware I would need to keep the monitors up in the air and also
what type of desk you would recommend.

I am a programmer, I don't need a lot of office space for my papers but I
need something that will not drain my eyes. I have been programming since I
was 11, if you see what I mean, I am starting to need glasses :(

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