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im rebuilding the wifes pc
it has 2 ide ports but im only planning using one hd and a dvd on it so i
only want to use one of the ide's to cut down on the cabling a bit.
normally i would set the hd as master and the dvd as slave but because of
the way the connecters are it makes the cable to short to reach the hd.
when i plug the middle of the cable into the dvd it is pointing up, so i
then have to take it back down under itself to reach the hd so i have to
stack the dvd and hd on top of each other but i don't really want to do this
because of heat problems

will it work ok to make the dvd master and the hd slave (that way the cable
fits perfect) or is it always better to make the hd master

thanx for any advice

Re: master->slave?

D.Rennie wrote:
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The computer I'm typing on, is like this.

       X-- Optical drive (master)
       X-- Hard drive (slave)
       X (Motherboard connector)

I think I've jumpered each for Cable Select, but the optical
on the end responds as Master and the hard drive as Slave.
At least, in the BIOS Boot Menu, that is how they're labeled.

My ribbon cable is 80 wire, for best transfer performance.
That allows the higher transfer rates to work.

The optical drive is an MSI CR52 CDRW, and in Device Manager,
it is listed as Ultra DMA Mode 2. The hard drive is Ultra DMA
Mode 5. The transfer rates can be mixed on the same cable, and
it all works. (It is always possible that older equipment
might have a different behavior.)

There is no evidence in my hard drive benchmarks ( free version),
that there is a problem here.


Re: master->slave?

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 17:21:55 +0100, "D.Rennie"

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Why cut down on cabling?  It doesn't significantly effect
airflow contrary to most myths (unless it  happened to be
wrapped around a passive chipset 'sink which is seldom the
case) because air moves through pressure zones instead of
linearly.  It won't look any worse once you have the cover
on the system unless it has a side panel, but even then a
carefully folded and routed cable looks tidy enough compared
to all the other wiring, connectors, cards, etc.

By having two cables you improve performance when both
optical drive and HDD are concurrently in use, as well as
getting rid of the limitations in cable routing that you
noted when trying to share a cable.

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Most (if not all) semi-modern boards will allow making the
HDD slave, booting from it as slave.  I wonder though, what
case configuration you have that makes you expect heat
problems with the HDD in an upper bay, above the DVD drive?

If your case has fan(s) mounted on the front metal wall of
the chassis, and the typical open chamber front bezel, in
addition to pulling in outside air this design would pull
air past the hard drive, flowing from inside the case,
towards the front of the case, down through the bezel and in
through the bottom front fan.  This would be if your case
has positive pressurization.  

With negative pressurization airflow would go the opposite
direction except not out a front intake fan.  Seldom does a
case actually have equal intake and exhaust pressurization
even if there are equal sized fans and numbers of them.

Another option is to take the original case bay blank cover
plate, carefully marking out reguarly spaced holes drilled
into it, or use a piece of filter material.  Drilling what
are often soft plastic cover plates can be tricky, the bit
can catch and tear the plastic.  It may be easier to use a
split-point drill bit and start drilling from the front side
so if it catches at the back surface the deformation is on
the back.  It also helps to clamp down the plate so it
doesn't ride up the drill bit.

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Making the HDD master is the most compatible, but you only
need what is compatible with your particular system so go
ahead and connect it how you want, only changing it if that
doesn't work.  As mentioned initially I would ultimately
recommend using two cables instead of one.  Modern hard
drives and DVD drives with simultaneous IO can easily push
the limits of ATA100, even ATA133 may be bottlenecking them
some.  If it were expensive to resolve this, it might be a
good reason to make the sacrifice of using only one cable,
but cables are cheap, free, and many systems demonstrate
using two cables isn't a problem in any way except a human
concept of less-is-more, which won't matter once you close
up the case.

Re: master->slave?

"D.Rennie" wrote:
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I suggest you start by repairing the keyboard.  The shift key, and
the "'" key, seem to be faulty.  From the .de origin this doesn't
appear to be a native language problem.

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