Make backups of protected games?

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I'm trying to backup all my software CD's and there are several that are
copy protected. Is there a simple method to back these disks up, or am I
resigned to figuring out what protection is on the disc and then working
around the protection software?

I'm hoping that there is a general utility that will do most of the grunt
work for me.


Re: Make backups of protected games?

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elby's CloneCD (but it isn't free anymore).
How well it copies depends on what RAW modes are supported by your
CD/DVD writer.

elby doesn't distribute or sell it anymore.  They sold it to SlySoft
(who sells it for $40).  Old versions of CloneCD can be found at:

Their old CloneDVD is also listed at but won't copy
protected DVDs unless you use something with it, like AnyDVD.  SlySoft
sells both CloneDVD and AnyDVD.  There are downloads for CloneCD,
CloneDVD, and AnyDVD at .  What you get might
be trial versions that go dead after something like a month.

I haven't used CloneCD in a several years.  I only needed it to make
backup copies of my games but then I don't play them for longer than a
couple years and they usually site in the drive for extended periods so
they look almost new when I'm tired of them.  You'll have to check if
they work for you and your writer for whatever protection might be
employed on whatever games you are trying to backup.

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