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I have an elderly relative who is not computer literate and used a "Mail
Station" for several years to send EMail.  This is a device that allows one
to send and receive EMail over the phone lines.  It looks like a very small
lap top but has no computer functions other than EMail.

Her unit recently bit the dust due to a bad storm and she wanted to replace
it.  She was told at Best Buy that the units are no longer made.

Does anyone know of anything that could replace it other than a lap top or
desk top PC.  All she needs is the Email function.

Bob Havens

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Re: Mailstation

Have you tried ebay?

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Re: Mailstation

Thanks for the suggestion.  Ebay or Amazon may be the only solution.
Bob Havens

Henry Bemis wrote:
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Re: Mailstation

Bob Havens wrote:
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I have a probably-working[0] Cidco MailStation model DET1-01
that's totally excess to my current needs [1]. Free to a good
home. Reply to marten [DOT] kemp [AT] earthlink [DOT] net

You'll have to find an external 9V adapter for it, though.

[0] It powers up and wants me to create a user account but the
screen seems a little dim to me, but I've never seen another one
for comparison purposes. I can't say anything about the internal
modem or the printer port.
[1] Yeah, I pick up miscellaneous stuff at thrift shops. At first
glance I mistakenly identified the parallel port as a serial port
and thought that I could do something interesting [2] with a null-
modem cable and a Linux server.
[2] For geekish values of 'interesting.'

-- Marten Kemp
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Re: Mailstation

Thank you Marten.  The Mail Station is for my cousin who is currently in
the hospital.  I will keep your kind offer in mind.  She probably has the
power supply and it may be OK.
Bob Havens

Marten Kemp wrote:
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Re: Mailstation


Mailstation Standard 120?

Purchased 2 for cheap when Office Deopt (or Max) closed them out. Was
going to use them for parts. Depending where you are located (I am in
Milpitas CA.) maybe we could work something out.

Tom Woodrow

Bob Havens wrote:
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