Mac Pro + VMware Fusion ... any hints?

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hi all,

I'm thinking of upgrading to a super-dupy system, a super Mac Pro but then I
have the following needs:

- Development e.g. Eclipse (ok in Mac), Visual .NET (Only Win).
- Heavyweight Databases e.g. Oracle (rather from Linux e.g. Fedora).
- Use of lot of Win apps I have already paid for e.g. UltraEdit, Nikon
Capture NX,
   Photoshop, MS Office, etc.
- Games! play natively Batlefield2, Half-Life, Counter-Strike and the like

I then thought of buying the Mac Pro + VMware Fusion, but knowing VMWare
the past I am affraid of tons of "VMware tools" to install and hack with
before even
thinking of using natively e.g. the proper video drivers for games. Is it
possible playing
native Win games on Mac through Fussion using the native Video drivers?

I have currently a Dell 670 workstation where there is litle chance (and
VERY expensive)
of upgrading parts and stuck and sick of the "reinstall Win every 6 months
or so"
infinite loop.

Any advices?



Re: Mac Pro + VMware Fusion ... any hints?


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If you want accelerated video support, you'll have to use the VMware
supplied drivers. Recent versions of Windows have generic support for
the video in VMware, but that's all it is--generic. No acceleration,
3D, fancy features, etc...

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Right now, the new video technology in virtualization products is in
its infancy. They don't yet support the latest versions of DirectX and
speed may be poor at times.

If you really want to play Windows games on your Mac, the best way to
do so would be to start and run Windows from Boot Camp. When you do
that, you're running Windows directly on the underlying hardware and
can take full advantage of everything that it has to offer.


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