low watt cd drive ?

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i'm looking for a low watt cd drive..

will be using it in a mini itx system.

I'll be putting a HDD and CD Drive in there. maybe 2. I know I have
the option of using 3.5" ones and powering them externally with the
kind of plug that comes with a USB-IDE adaptor - the one with a molex
connector on the end.

But i'm looking at the option of powering them with the molex that
comes off the little PSU that's in the MBRD. And so I want low watt. I
know there are 2.5" HDDs and they are presumably low watt.

So am I correct here, or is another other info relevant ?

CD Drives seem to have one or two more issues.
Am, I right in thinking that laptop CD Drives don't come in 2.5" IDE ?
They seem to come in a few vendor specific interfaces - that doesn't
interest me. But they don't come in 2.5" IDE. They can come in some
spec called slim IDE/ATAPI that isn't 2.5" IDE.

Is that a good option then.. to get one of those slim IDE CDROMs (Are
they all STANDARD? and samed number of pins),  - i'd then get an
adaptor to convert it to 3.5" IDE.

I could get a USB "laptop"/low watt CD Drive, but would I need to be
able to boot from USB if I wanted to boot from it? (I know that with
USB Floppy drives, unbelievably, you can boot from them even without
booting from usb capability. They act just like an internal floppy
drive. But are USB LAptop CD DRives te same there - i seriously doubt
it - since 3.5" ones aren't. But just wondering)  Is there any way to
get that power from USB devices? OR is it only floppy drives that
offer it ?!

Re: low watt cd drive ?

jameshanley39@yahoo.co.uk wrote:
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Optical drives

Hard drives

Some of the products here have power numbers, like 5V @ 2A

More hard drives here

What you use, all depends on available power budget and how much heat
the case can handle.


Re: low watt cd drive ?

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I know you know this, but incase anybody doesn't,
i've discovered a bit more. Slim / Slimline is a standard , also
called JAE50 / JAE 50 . It's a standard 50pin connector, a form of IDE
connector, like 40pin 3.5" IDE, and 44pin 2.5" IDE.   Like the 44pin
2=2E5" IDE, it contains power pins.

http://jae-connector.com/en/index.cfm (JAE stands for japan aviation
 A search for slim brings up the specific type of connector.

I wasn't planing on using a computer case. I want this to be a fanless
system. And am not planning on a A3=A3=A3=A3=A3 zalman fanless case.

Re: low watt cd drive ?

On Sun, 12 Aug 2007 14:12:21 -0700,

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The typical laptop drive is what you'd need though with an
external case it's easier to mount.


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It would be a bit of a problem, in that it's then too small
to put a CD into.

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If not an official "case", you're still doing something with
a framework to hold everything, right?  I would essentially
call that an open case.

It's certainly possible to build a fanless system but is it
really important?  A single 60-80mm fan running at very low
RPM can be inaudible, last for 10+ years if it's a decent
quality fan, have minimal dust buildup in most environments
due to moving such a low volume of air, and yet this low
volume of air can still substantially lower temps and
increase lifespan... and can make the system even smaller
due to not needing certain layouts and larger passive
heatsink(s) on CPU or elsewhere.

Re: low watt cd drive ?

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not necessarily. I'm planning on putting the MBRD on a shelf of a
bookcase. Maybe having a few comps alongside each other. A network.

in the past i had a mini itx one in my draw. If I wanted to use the
comp I opened the draw (air).

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Yes. That's the number one priority.

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if too big was a problem, then it's not a problem here,  'cos mini itx
is small.

Re: low watt cd drive ?

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Is it the case that all slimline drives receive a 12V and a 5V line,
but most  choose only the 5V?

I've heard that most use 5V, but one or two use 12V and 5V.

(also, this is relevant if calculating the watts. 'cos e.g. for a
desktop/3.5" HDD it's e.g. Total Watts = 5V*0.6A + 12V*0.8A )

Re: low watt cd drive ?

jameshanley39@yahoo.co.uk wrote:
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Chances are, if a product used the +12V rail, it would have a
higher overall power draw. Ordinary opticals tend to have a
boiler plate spec of 12V @ 1.5A and 5V @ 1.5A or so. Some units
are more than that, and state as such. The slimline I quoted
in the previous post, mentioned 5V @ 2A, and that is 25W versus
10W or so. If power or heat were a concern, I would reach for the
one claiming to use 5V only. When a unit is designed to run from
5V only, it tells me the unit was designed with low power
consumption in mind.

The drive doesn't dissipate that power continuously, and the
motor shouldn't need any power when the spindle is stopped.
So it is not like they use that amount of power continuously.

The nice thing about an ordinary optical drive, is you get a nice
tray to work with. The mechanics of laptop devices aren't
always as user friendly.

Which one you choose, may depend on how you are providing power to
the thing. If you have an ordinary ATX PSU on your shelf, then
the sky is the limit on power. In that case, for cost reasons
and convenience, I'd rather have a full sized unit with tray.
A full sized CD/DVD/burner, could sit flat on your shelf as well.

It is only if you are doing a "furniture" project, where the
case is tiny and everything is crammed in, that these decisions
are more critical.


Re: low watt cd drive ?

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yes, it's a lower watt psu that's why i'm goin for low watt drives.

What i'd like to know though is if these 2 statements with question
marks after them, are correct -

 the slim/slimline / JAE 50pin IDE provides a 12V and a 5V, and some
drives use the 12V, other drives do not.  ?

In contrast to the 50pin IDE , the 2.5"/44pin IDE - used by laptops,
just uses 5V, never the 12V ?

Re: low watt cd drive ?

jameshanley39@yahoo.co.uk wrote:

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No to the first question. I don't see a 12V pin in the pinout.
The 44 pin IDE connector only has 5V as well.

This is apparently the pinout of a slimline, with JAE 50 pin connector.

"Toshiba SD-R2512 CD-RW/DVD-ROM"
Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Limited KX15-50KLD L or equivalent


PIN NO. I/O     SIGNAL NAME                PIN NO. I/O   SIGNAL NAME
1        O     Audio L-CH                 2        O      Audio R-CH
3               Audio Ground               4             Digital Ground
5        I     /RESET                     6       I/O   DD8
7       I/O     DD7                        8       I/O   DD9
9       I/O     DD6                        10      I/O   DD10
11      I/O     DD5                        12      I/O   DD11
13      I/O     DD4                        14      I/O   DD12
15      I/O     DD3                        16      I/O   DD13
17      I/O     DD2                        18      I/O   DD14
19      I/O     DD1                        20      I/O   DD15
21      I/O     DD0                        22       O    DMARQ
23              Ground                     24       I    /DIOR: / HDMARDT:
25       I     /DIOW:STOP                 26            Ground
27       O     IORDY: / DDMARDY: DSTROBE  28       I    /DMACK
29       O     INTRQ                      30       O    /IOCS16
31       I     DA1                        32      I/O   /PDIAG
33       I     DA0                        34       I    DA2
35       I     /CS1FX                     36       I    /CS3FX
37      I/O     /DASP                      38       I    +5V (Motor)
39       I     +5V (Motor)                40       I    +5V (Motor)
41       I     +5V (Logic)                42       I    +5V (Logic)
43              Ground                     44            Ground
45              Ground                     46            Ground
47       I     CSEL                       48            Ground
49              Vendor Unique              50       I    Vendor Unique

The 44 pin connector is here.


There is a +5V motor pin and a +5V logic power pin.

I would say in both cases, they are set up for 5V only. In the
case of the Slimline, they'd need a separate power connector
on the back, if they wanted any other voltages.

That is all I've discovered so far.

I've seen reports that there are other formats for laptop
drives, so there could be other ways of doing it.


Re: low watt cd drive ?

Paul wrote:

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wow, thanks

i think the person that told me about the 12v based it on this
ciao.co.uk link..
and it loosk like this link was mistaken
says 8x cd drive
says 12V, 5V

10W might suggest that it's only 5V. (?)
the link mentions this product number 314118-406 , which google shows
as 24x. Not 8x as the link said.

prob a bad/unreliable site.

So, the 12v thing i asked seems wrong / you're right.

If they did take 12v i guess they'd take an additional connector, but i
don't see any that do anyway.


Re: low watt cd drive ?

On Aug 13, 7:43 pm, "jameshanle...@yahoo.co.uk"
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correcting myself a little..
it could be that

slimline and slimide are different things.

slimline is a size that comes in these fractions of the height of a
regular 5.25" drive.  (so, some small (slimline?!) cases have slimline
bays - of half height or third height )

the regular height of 5.25" drives is 1.5"
slimline can be
third height   ( 0.5" ) - about 1cm
or half height   ( 0.75" ) (may be stated, or may be, 0.7")

slimide is just an interface, and has no 12V.

most slimline are slimide, and vice versa.

That link did perhaps refer to a regular ide,  slimline drive.

related link

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