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I'm searching for a good PCI Express Low profile graphic card (for gaming)
for my Compaq DC7100 Small Form factor PC.
I was only able to find the Radeon X300 but this one is not strong enough
for modern games....

Perhaps someone knows a good card that will fit in my desktop

Thank You for helping me

Re: "low profile" graphic card

Neptune, 6/5/2005, 8:27:43 PM, wrote:

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We built 100 1U (1.75") high server chassis computers with the Nvidia
GeForce 5600 video card.  You don't need a low profile video card, get
a right-angle riser that essentially lays the card flat across the
remaining PCI slots.  You will have to give up some slots, but it can
be done.  Just test the clearance of the video card's fan and buy the
proper height riser to accomodate the video card of your choice.  Since
PCI Express is relatively new it may be a bit more difficult to find
but it will certainly be cheaper.

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Re: "low profile" graphic card

On Mon, 6 Jun 2005 02:27:43 +0200, "Neptune"

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How will you cool it?  It's not just a matter of airflow,
but with the case side right up against the card's PCB the
airflow will be very poor regardless of whether there's a
fan on it.

ALso there's overall chassis airflow and the limited power
supply- People don't buy much bigger systems just for the
heck of it, they do so for this vary reason (among others).

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"Strong enough" typically means it's clocked higher, uses
more power, needs more cooling.  

A Geforce 6200 is about 20% faster (on average) than X300,
that's probably the best bet.

Re: "low profile" graphic card


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