Low Power dual dvi video card.

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I want a video card that:

1. Doesn't consume a lot of power and/or doesn't have big noisy fan on

2. Has dual DVI outs for my two flat panel monitors.

right now I have a nvidia quadro fx2000 but it's LOUD and hot...

anyone recommend? thanks

Re: Low Power dual dvi video card.

On 12 Aug 2006 10:34:43 -0700, dterrors@hotmail.com wrote:

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You failed to mention that you seek an AGP card (presumably,
since Quadro FX2000 is AGP, yes?).

So I presume you have no particular 3D (IE- gaming) needs
else you'd have mentioned it.  Therefore, you'd just find
one of the low end (cheap) modern cards.

by entering the search parameters at Newegg.com for AGP and
two DVI, you get this link,

http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Submit=ENE&N=2000380048+1069609639+1069109631&Subcategory=48&description=&srchInDesc=&minPrice=&maxPrice =

I'd expected there to be more low-end offerings but
apparently the two DVI (rather than one analog & one DVI),
significantly limits the choices.

The cheapest is a Radeon 9600
 but frankly $104 seems a little steep for it today, a
better deal seems to be the X1600 for only $10 more,

BUT, the 9600 may be the cooler  running of the two,
especially since it's the plain, not pro model.

Quadro is an upscale line though, did you have a specific
use that places fair demand on it like CAD?  Also both cards
linked do have fans, so your options are then to seek
passive heatsink for either (or another card...), OR to keep
looking, there are other Radeons with dual DVI and passive
heatsink like this one,
although it's listed as a MAC edition, IIRC that is an added
feature, it does not preclude from use on a PC (but don't
quote me on that).

Re: Low Power dual dvi video card.

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You might look at the Matrox P650.  It isn't expensive and I think
Matrox does the best 2D in the business.  

Re: Low Power dual dvi video card.

On Sat, 12 Aug 2006 22:55:34 GMT, justin david

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Matrox does have outstanding 2D, BUT, that was analog...
today with DVI, everybody's DVI 2D (including Matrox's)
beats Maxtrox's analog.

That's the beauty of DVI, even the cheapest card on earth
has pixel perfect 2D output if it works at all.

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