Looking for "thick" diameter black USB cables

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I'm looking for a supplier for thick black USB cables of length 6ft.
thick I mean at least 0.17" thick, and no thicker than 0.20". A lot of
the USB cables out there are 0.125 (1/8" inch) or in that area.
If someone knows where I could find these, please let me know



Re: Looking for "thick" diameter black USB cables

On Tue, 20 Nov 2007 12:15:23 -0800 (PST), eljainc

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You didn't mention what connectors you need.

I've never measured their thickness but http://Newegg.com
has some belkin cables spec'd to have lower gauge wiring
than many.  They might even be too thick, as the diameter
you are wanting isn't especially thick, IMO.  I have several
USB devices with cables about 0.19" diameter, it seems a
fairly common diameter.

However, I just measured a generic cable I have and it is
very close to 0.2".  It has a black (vinyl?) covering and
the marking on it reads "28AWG/1P 24AWG/2C".  It was "PCMS"
branded (in this category):
http://www.pcmicrostore.com/CBB.aspx?q=b:1510 ;c:100077;pl:1
specifically the exact cable I measured is this one:
http://www.pcmicrostore.com/PartDetail.aspx?q=p:10502867 ;b:1510;c:100077;pl:1

I would expect similar cables from same manufacturer except
different plugs, would be same diameter, except the ones
which are clear see-through vinyl with the visible metal
braid are thicker (including those with the LEDs that light
up at each end, plus I find those with LEDs are troublesome
and often devices won't work using them due to a (load?) the
LED driver places on the signal line).

It might be easiest to just go to a nearby store with a
ruler in hand, though local stores tend to charge an arm and
a leg for a simple USB cable, although paying shipping
online will also erase much of the cost difference if not
combined with some other parts order.

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