Looking for socket 479 motherboard with ECC support

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I'm looking for a good replacement for my home server. The VIA EPIA board
seems to have almost died after just one year of use. The LAN port doesn't
work, and the serial port isn't detected anymore. Temperature monitoring
seems to have failed as well.

I'm looking for a good replacement with better reliability and performance,
but which is quiet. I'm mainly interested in motherboards that use a
Pentium M processor, and support ECC RAM since I had far too many problems
with memory.

I have found the 855GME-MGF, which looks just like the kind of thing I need,
except that it's not sold in any of the shops I know, and I'd like to hear
if somebody has any experience with this board or any similar ones. I hope
this isn't the only one.

Support for Pentium M and ECC RAM is a must. It would be nice to also have
integrated LAN and USB2, as well as video, although from what I can see all
of them include it already. My main concern is reliability first,
performance second.

The computer will mostly work as a file, web, database, game, etc server
always running under Linux, so hardware that's well supported in Linux
would be very desirable.

Thanks in advance

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