Looking for Pentium III Processor (1.0 GHz)

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Hello everybody.
I am looking for a Pentium III, 1.0 GHz, socket 370, for my old
computer.  I would prefer the retail version which includes heatsink and
fan.  A search through the Internet brings up several places selling the
OEM version only, most of them used and/or refurbished.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a site that still sells the retail
version?  I would prefer a new chip but, if the seller is trustworthy, I
would also consider a used one.  As I said before, I would also need
heatsink and fan.


Re: Looking for Pentium III Processor (1.0 GHz)

On Mon, 23 Feb 2009 21:43:11 -0600, Tiziano

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If you tell us where you are it could help, for example it
might be costly to have something sent from US to Germany.

Re: Looking for Pentium III Processor (1.0 GHz)

on 2/23/2009 10:46 PM kony wrote the following:
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Good point!  I live in the United States (Texas).

Re: Looking for Pentium III Processor (1.0 GHz)

On Tue, 24 Feb 2009 18:31:08 -0600, Tiziano

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I didn't see any with a quick web search, as you already
wrote they are OEM or used.  You did not mention whether you
seek the 100MHz or 133MHz FSB version, and since you
mentioned 1GHz I am assuming you mean the Coppermine FCPGA
version, not the Tualatin FCPGA2 version which won't run on
older motherboards without some hacks.

I would imagine that if anyone still has any new, retail
packaged P3 1GHz CPUs, it would only be because they were
asking far too much money for them, that this is why they
weren't sold years ago.  It's probably a fair risk to get an
OEM or used one off of somebody on ebay with lots of sales
and a good rating, with them selling for as little as $10 or
so it isn't like they have a good reason to try and rip off
a customer for so little money.  The following ebay seller
happens to have both the 1GHz w/133MHz FSB version for $10
delivered, and a 1GHz w/100MHz FSB Celeron for $9 delivered.


A heatsink you can get almost anywhere, and socket A
heatsinks will usually fit on socket 370 boards, though the
keep-out zone around a 370 socket was smaller so the actual
size would have to be compared.  Here are a few 370

If you have a local computer shop you might be able to get a
used one from them for $5 or less, although the fan on it
may be worn out by now.

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