Looking for info.... 15" LCD monitor...

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I just picked up a 15" LCD monitor for almost nothing. Picture isn't too bad
and will make a great monitor to stick on my server. I'd really like to know
the capabilities of this unit, but there is zilch as far as documentation.

What I do know...

- 15" LCD
- VGA connector and a SUN video connector
- It is marked as manufactured by "Veritas Computer Services.
- Model number is "LCD"
- Serial number is "PROTO0014"
- It uses an external power supply... a 3Com power brick outputting 15v DC
at a max of 800ma
- Front pushbutton controls: Power, menu, reset, source, left arrow, right
arrow, down arrow... NO up arrow.
... and that's about it.

Anyone know what this is?

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