Looking for feedback on new computer configuration!

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Hello Folks,

I was just looking for some feedback on the below computer
configuration. Is the AMD Anthlon 64 3200+ a good processor?  Is it
comparable to the Intel Pentium 4, 3.0 Ghz?  Is the rest of the
configuration ok? Would I need to upgrade anything on it?

I plan on mainly using the computer for web browsing and e-mail.  I
may also add a TV tuner card.  Other uses will include some web page
design and video editing (very little video editing, so I wouldn't
want to spend a ton on a computer just for that purpose).  It won't be
used for gaming at all.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

Processor Brand: AMD
Processor Class: Athlon 64
Processor Number: 3200+
Processor Speed: 2.2 GHz
Bus Speed: 1.6 GHz
Cache Size: 512 KB
Memory Speed: PC3200 (400MHz)
Memory Technology: DDR-SDRAM
Installed Memory: 512 MB
Maximum Memory: 2 GB
Memory Slots Total: 2
Memory Slots Available: 1
Hard Drive Capacity: 120 GB
Drive Controllers: IDE (Ultra ATA/DMA)
Card Slots: xD-Picture Card
Memory Stick Pro
SmartMedia Card
Secure Digital(SD)/MMC
CompactFlash Card
IBM MicroDrive
Memory Stick
Sound Support: Digital Audio (16-bit)
Video Chipset: SiS MirageTM2
Video Integration: Motherboard
Shared Video RAM (Max): 128 MB
Monitor Included: No
Port Connectors: 7 USB 2.0 (3 on front, 4 on back)
2 IEEE-1394 Firewire (1 on front, 1 on back)
1 external VGA monitor
1 Parallel
1 Serial
2 PS/2 (back)
Audio - Headphone/Microphone/Line-in
RJ-11 Modem
RJ-45 Ethernet LAN

AGP Slots: 1
PCI Slots: 3
Slots Notes: 1 AGP and 2 PCI open

Additional Drives: DVD+RW
External 3.5 Bays: 1
External 5.25 Bays: 2
External Bays Notes: (1) 3.5-inch open

Internal 3.5 Bays: 1
Internal Bays Notes: None open
Network Support: Ethernet (10/100 Mbps)
Modem Speed: 56 Kbps
Input Devices: Keyboard
Wheel Mouse
Installed Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
Chassis Style: Tower (Mini)
Height: 15.35 in
Width: 7.17 in
Depth: 16.54 in
Weight: 30.0 lbs

Re: Looking for feedback on new computer configuration!

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One thing I notice is "Video Chipset: SiS MirageTM2", implying
the computer as shipped will use built-in graphics supported
by the Northbridge chip on the motherboard. Fortunately,
your info also shows "AGP Slots: 1". If you get the computer
and are frustrated with the performance or quality of the
graphics, you can buy an AGP video card and upgrade the

Note that technologically, AGP video cards have been replaced
with PCI Express video cards. AGP video cards should be available
new at retail for the next couple of years. If you do find a
need to update the graphics capability on the machine, I would
do it sooner rather than later, so there is still a good
selection of AGP video cards to choose from. (Buying a computer
with a PCI Express video slot would be a more up-to-date

Also, if you post the URL for the web page you got that from,
people may be able to recognize other details about the
product. Many advertisements use the "laundry list" approach,
of trying to dazzle you with irrelevant details. I don't see
a lot of useful details. For example, some CD/DVD burners are
better than others (more compatible), and avoiding a dodgy
brand may save you having to spend $50 to get one that works.

You may also want to ask some questions about the exact version
of the operating system. You have certain rights, to move the
OS from one system to another, and these rights differ depending
on whether the OS version is OEM or retail. I'm no expert on
Microsoft products, so I'll just give you the warning and let
you research it further. Your seller should be able to tell
about that issue as well.


Re: Looking for feedback on new computer configuration!

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  with regards to the above if or when you install MS XP and you register
  it just tell them you have changed you pc because the old one broke
  and the pc you are installing MS on is the only one.

Re: Looking for feedback on new computer configuration!

Yeah I agree with the other points. Ive got a HP similar to that 3200
64 AMD with SIS chipset. It works OK but most people want to get a
separate graphics card cause it shares  memory with the system and its
kind of wimpy. If you dont play games you dont necessarily need much
of a video card but a separate low cost one is nice to have.

In fact they seem to be having some clearance sales on some AGP cards
Ive noticed so they might really disappearing by the end of this year.
In fact I notice PCI express versions of cards are often lower cost
nowadays than the AGP versions like many 6600GTs.

If you can get a PCI express video slot system instead close to the
same cost then Id get that instead. Also try to get a 939 socket AMD
64 system too. They are still selling the 754 socket AMD 64 3200
systems at many places.

One thing about the 6in1 readers etc I got one on my HP/Compaq and
when I added a TV tuner it said out of resources and gave errors. I
finally fixed it by disabling the 6n1 reader devices in system manager
which lists it as numerous separate devices.

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