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I'm looking for someone who knows very good Dell C600 notebook. I've got
problem with processor and LCD. Please, let me know, if someone could help
me with that.

Re: Looking for DELL C600 specialist

I could probably help you. What seems to be the problem?
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Re: Looking for DELL C600 specialist

OK, let's start...

I've changed motherboard on C600, because it was damaged. And now after
changing MB, BIOS shows information that revision of MB doesn't support that
processor. It is easy to bypass with pressing F6 and F4, but it is a little
irritating. Is there any method to get rid of that problem? I've upgraded
BIOS to latest C23, but it was no result, then I revert back to C22.

PIII 1.0 GHz was installed on that damaged MB, new MB was shipped to me with
Celeron 700 MHz. Problem exists on both CPUs.

Next problem is with LCD screen. Notebook only works correct with external
monitor connected. If LCD is connected to MB, after power on, it shows
cursor in upper left corner and shuts down in a few seconds. If I disconnect
LCD from MB, and try to power on without it, result is the same. It works
only if external monitor is connected.

Could You try to help me with that problems?

BTW, sorry for my english, I'm from Poland.

Re: Looking for DELL C600 specialist

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I've just been checking the specs for that motherboard, here's an extract:-

 Processor Support - 495-pin ĶBGA2 ZIF socket for the system processor.
Intel Mobile Pentium III processors with SpeedStep technology at speeds of
700/550 MHz, 750/600 MHz, and 850/700 MHz.

So it looks like none of the processors you mentioned are actually supported
on this board. Celeron CPUs are supported on the Inspiron 4000, which is
basically an identical machine, just aimed at the home rather than business
market. In the past, I've seen Inspiron BIOSs installed on Latitudes, and
they work just fine - this MAY allow you to install the celeron, or may kill
the board!

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This one sounds pretty clear cut, either the video card, LCD or the cable
that connects them is faulty. The video card on the C600 is not integrated
on to the motherboard - are you using the video card from the new or the
damaged board? If any case, you could try swapping it if you have access to
the other. You could also try re-seating the LCD cable.

Hope this helps


Re: Looking for DELL C600 specialist

Thank You for reply.

My processor problem isn't quite important, because i've already managed it
by pressing keyboard sequence (F6+F4). It is frustrating, but it works
perfect :)

And now the LCD problem:

1 . I took the video card from damaged board - no result. But if external
monitor works, it won't be a video card problem, right?

2 . I think, that it could be LCD cable. But there is another problem :)
Which cable? One connects LCD to motherboard (display-flex cable, or
something) and another connects video card to LCD, right? I could replace
cable that connects video card to LCD from damaged board, but I don't have
display-flex cable (I found it in Internet and I could buy it - it isn't
problem, but first I want to try all possibilities without spending money

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