Long display cable or USB 3.0 cable for monitor

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I am thinking of moving my computer to another room. The pc just makes too much
noise. I've tried a number of way to make it more quiet.

USB 2.0 (10 meters) cable takes care of keyboard, mouse and other peripheral.
I've loked at long display cables. Could USB 3.0 work in this case?

Re: Long display cable or USB 3.0 cable for monitor

Hey wrote:
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There is a little bit of info on USB3 in the Wikipedia article.


It suggests 3 meters for copper wiring. The data rate is 5Gbit/sec, so
I guess that makes some kind of sense. The problem with wires, is attenuation
at high frequencies, and the simplified devices at the end of the wire,
attempting to deal with them.

I expect there will be an optical version offered for sale as well,
which would extend the reach considerably. I also think you won't be
using this, any time soon.


For long display cables, you could use good quality VGA
cable. There may be some difference in attenuation properties
on VGA cables, and perhaps a better cable can make a long
run practical. At worst, with VGA, you may end up at 1024x768,
if the cable run is long enough (i.e. practical resolution drops
with distance). One way to do this, is to run separate coaxial
cables for RGBHV, as you may be able to use better cables that
way. If you just run RGBHV, you lose DDC/CI and EDID, for plug
and play. In which case, you install the downloadable "monitor
driver" as a potential workaround.


Many cheap LCD monitors only have DVI-D on them, so VGA isn't even
an option. So you can go digital instead. If you had a repeater
technology for DVI/HDMI, that can be used to stretch the reach of
the cable. The following product is an example. Gefen even sells
cables, but I don't see a 200 foot cable to go with this booster.


And their optical DVI products go a lot longer distance.
210 feet for $1400.00 . The nice thing about these, is
the optical portion is not connectorized, so you cannot
get the optical connectors dirty. The cables only have
pins exposed, like a regular cable. You'd hope that
when USB3 optical fiber is available, it looks like this
as well.


This unit, allows you to use your own optical cables. It
claims to be able to do 1640 feet max. By doing it this
way, you can shop for cables separately. But you're then
also responsible for connector cleaning. (I have some
experience with fiber, and this is not a trivial consideration.
Depending on connector type, it is easy to damage fiber
connectors. Even when you're being careful, and putting the
dust caps back on when they're not being used. Some
connector types, make it easy to grind the facet of the



You could start with some high quality DVI/HDMI cables
first, and maybe that is enough to do the job, without
any "booster" junk. DVI reach is extended, the lower
the resolution and refresh settings.


   "an HDMI cable can reach lengths of up to 15 meters"

   "A DVI signal is electrically compatible with an HDMI
    video signal; no signal conversion is required when an
    adapter is used, and consequently no loss in video quality

Have fun,

Re: Long display cable or USB 3.0 cable for monitor

Hey wrote:

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if the pc makes to much noise. tell us the specs and we might be able to

example i have an amd 64 X2 6400+ i use a zelman CNPS9500 heat sink this
thing is so good i can turn the fan off. i use a 120 mm exhaust fan.

the heat sink runs at 1700 rpm the exhaust fan runs at 1 third of it's
speed. i can barley hear it.  

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