Logitech Wireless Mouse Problem in Windows ME

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I recently restored my 5 year old laptop with Windows ME on it.  I have the
Logitech Wireless/Optical USB mouse which works just fine except for one
thing that has me stumped.  When I use the mouse to click Start->Shutdown
the cursor stops functioning.  However, the touchpad mouse still works.
Before I restored the laptop the mouse worked fine.  I have tried the mouse
on another machine (although it had XP on it) and it worked fine.  A wired
USB mouse works fine on the laptop and here is the kicker...when I use a
green USB->PS/2 adapter to plug the USB receiver in the mouse works fine.  I
have already installed the latest software for the mouse from Logitech's
website.  I have also tried disabling the touchpad altogether.

If anyone has any tips or ideas to try it would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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