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OscartheGrouch wrote:
 > This mouse has worked flawlessly for months. But now, during gameplay,
 > it will stop all functions for a period of maybe 5 to 10 seconds, then
 > snap out of it and work correctly until it goes out again, maybe twice
 > every minute. Sometimes when it is out my computer will make the sound
 > it makes when a piece of hardware is disconnected, then reconnected. I
 > have unplugged the usb connector and reinserted several times to be sure
 > it is plugged in well, to no avail. Occasionally this happens during
 > applications other than gameplay (quake 3/urban terror.) I believe a new
 > mouse is what is called for unless you guys have other ideas.

Re: Logitech mx400 mouse

OscartheGrouch wrote:
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Try checking for CPU usage to see if something is taking up the
computer's time and causing the mouse to freeze.


Re: Logitech mx400 mouse

On Wed, 07 May 2008 11:51:49 GMT, OscartheGrouch

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At first I was wondering if the batteries were low, but if
that were the case you wouldn't have a hardware disconnected
event.  Examine the receiver for physical damage, if it is
not damaged then it would seem you have some kind of system
issue like a bad USB port, bad port wiring (especially if
this is a remote case port instead of one on the rear of the
motherboard) or other intermittent USB port problem like bad
solder joints, flaky polyfuse on the port, circuit board
crack(s), or perhaps a PSU with flaky 5VSB power and the
port powered by that PSU rail.

Try the mouse on another computer if possible.  Since it is
cordless and device is being disconnected, it will not be
the mouse itself as it could totally die and the receiver
would not disconnect from the system unless it, or some part
of the system were faulty.

Re: Logitech mx400 mouse

Solved. New mouse. So it was the mouse, the usb cable, or both.

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