Logitech mouse not working correctly?

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I've been looking around, and can't find much info on this.
My Logitech wireless mouse stops working after a while (cannot move
cursor) until I click the mouse. After clicking the mouse, it works
normally again until it's left idle for a while again. It never used to
do this, what's wrong with it?

Re: Logitech mouse not working correctly?

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Snap, I have tried 2 wireless mice (both microsoft) and both suffered the
same problem.......

I keep going back to my 1996 wired Microsoft Intelimouse. The pointer is
instantaneous, never jumps, skips etc it just requires cleaning once a week.

Re: Logitech mouse not working correctly?

I figured it out. The battery was low.

re:Logitech mouse not working correctly?

Are you sure it's not a power saving feature. I used to have a Mercury
cordless that required a click to wake it up after it had been idle a

I now use a Logitech which will wake up on move, but there is a
(slight) pause if it has been standing.

In both cases, it's to preserve battery life.

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