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i have a logitech dinovo bluetooth cordless desktop set. this has a
bluetooth hub, and ever since i got my new cell (nokia 3230) and i
installed the nokia pc suite the connect button on the bluetooth hub
constantly blinks. i had to deinstall pc suite again because it was
driving me crazy.

has anyone experienced similar problems? i assume this problem occurs
because the pc suite software somehow orders the bluetooth hub to
constantly scan the area for mobile phones... the nokia software is,
like always, shitty... there is absolutely no possibilty to change any
settings of the pc suite whatsoever, and it automatically installs pc
sync even though i don't want that...

Re: logitech and nokia

R.B. Fisher wrote:
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I don't get it.  Why not connect the phone to the pc?  Won't that take
care of your problems?  When not connected, why not disable the BT on
the pc until you need it again?


Re: logitech and nokia

Quaoar wrote:
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apparently you are not familiar with the dinovo :-)

my mouse and keyboard use the bluetooth hub. regarding the phone, i
don't want to turn bluetooth on unless i'm using it. but that wouldn't
solve the problem anyway...

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