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A friend of mine put a WD HD in his Xbox which required him to lock the
drive.  During this process, the Xbox failed.  The drive is now locked.  He
can't unlock the drive to use it in a PC as the password does not work.  The
lock code to my understanding is kept in a chip on the board of the drive,
not on the media of the drive.  Does anyone know how we may be able to
restore this drive and delete the lock code?


Re: Locked Hard Drive

Steve W wrote:
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1) If you or your friend had some foresight, you could use the HD key
that you backed up when the xbox was working.

2) There's an article on xbox-scene.com that talks about how you can
extract the hd key from dead xbox, and using a new xbox, unlock the
drive.  I cannot vouch for that process.

3) There is also some rumour that there is a secret
manufacturer-specific password that work on all of their drives.  Again,
  I cannot vouch for that, but for your sake, I hope it's true.

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I also had this weird experience with a WD drive on a emachines. I
took it out and then couldnt access it again. It spun up but I couldnt
get at it at all. I saw that the status said locked. I looked it up
and there was some stuff on the net but no one knew how to unlock it.
I eventually threw it away.

Ive seen a few others who claimed their WD got locked too but
generally the locking problems have to do with Xboxes.  

Re: Locked Hard Drive

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for but here is a link to read

Re: Locked Hard Drive

How are your C programming skills. Check out the ATA standards there are
command for doing this.

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