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I have a self built computer that has been running fine for about four years
or more. I plugged a USB flashdrive in and it locked up. I waited for a half
an hour to see what would happen and had to use the power button to shut
down. When I rebooted there was no video at all. No bios boot info or
anything. Changed monitors, video card and still nothing. All fans are
running and it acts like it boots up. Network lights are lit as usual but no

It's a gigabyte GA-7N400-Pro2 with an AGP Quadro 3600 card.
AMD 3200+

I'm stumped.

Re: Lock up, no video

I forgot, I'm running Win XP Pro.
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Re: Lock up, no video

Rudy wrote:
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Check all connections

try a different PS

substitute RAM

Re: Lock up, no video

On Sun, 12 Apr 2009 08:59:30 -0400, "Rudy"

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So you're fairly sure it does finish booting?  When you
installed the video card was it AGP or PCI?  Try the other
type of video card if you have one, and either way try
clearing CMOS while AC power is disconnected.

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Since you've already tried a different monitor and video
card, it seems likely that if clearing CMOS doesn't help,
the motherboard will need replaced.

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