Location of RTC/CMOS Battery in WinBook XL2 Laptop

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    Note: I am a TV, etc. (not computer)  service tech.

    With limited disassembly of my WinBook XL2 laptop, I was unable to locate
the RTC/CMOS battery which needs to be replace.

     I failed to find this information on the web.  My "User's Manual" does
not provide this information.

    The "User's Manual" page 9.14 indicates that a separate lithium ion
battery maintains the system clock (etc.).  Requires replacement.

    Note: The main battery is defective and is removed.  I use this
laptop with the AC adapter.

    Do you know where this battery is located in my laptop?

          Thank You in Advance,  John

PS,  Remove "ine" from my email address

Re: Location of RTC/CMOS Battery in WinBook XL2 Laptop

jaugustine@verizon.net wrote:
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    The ones I have seen were soldered on the main board of the laptop
computer.  I do not believe most laptops and netbooks have easily
replaceable CMOS batteries like desktop computers do.  If this is true
in your case, you will need to do some dissembling of the laptop.  Not
an easy task if you do not have instructions and proper tools.  Do a
search for information on the dis-assembly of your laptop.

Re: Location of RTC/CMOS Battery in WinBook XL2 Laptop

jaugustine@verizon.net wrote:
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It's an oldie.


Some CMOS batteries consist of a cable assembly, with a connector on one end, and
the battery is shrink wrapped on the other end. No socket like a desktop
This one is really weird, and should stand out when you're taking that thing


OMG. Says here the thing is NiMH. It's a rechargeable. That must
be why it lasted this long.


Another blurb here.


    "I have another laptop (Winbook XL2 - vintage 1997) and the CMOS battery went
     out on that a few years ago. It still will boot on AC Adapter, but of course
     the BIOS info has to be re-entered every time, in addition to the time and
     date. (Or at least it booted last time I tried, but that was a couple of
     ago . . . maybe the CMOS battery still had a trickle, 'cause I really don't
     know if these things will boot when the CMOS battery is completely gone . .
     will they?? . . .I assume they will with the AC Adapter). And BTW, I wrote
     down all the CMOS settings before the WinBook CMOS went out. I did it when I
     noticed the clock started to lose time, which was a warning.

     The AC Adapter will charge up the CMOS Battery, but eventually it will go.
     Now I do run this thing always with the AC Adaptor, so maybe that's why the
     CMOS Battery is still alive . . . because it's always being charged."

In any case, look for some shrink wrapped assembly on the end of a cable.
Or, alternately, look for a corroded area inside the machine, where battery
leakage has damaged things.


This Ebay posting shows a small plastic sliding cover for the CMOS.


And that looks suspiciously like item #8 in the geeks.com photo.


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