Linksys WMP11 only works with Install CD in drive (solution)

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Linksys WMP11 only works with Install CD in drive (solution)

I'm posting this to as many relevant forums as I can think of because
Linksys' technical support doesn't seem to care ;-)

There is a bug in the installer of some versions of the WMP11.  The
installer sets a registry value incorrectly. The registry value has the path
to a particular file, only it's set to the *install path*. Result: When the
driver CD is in the CD-ROM drive, the wireless card works. Eject the CD and
reboot, and the wireless card quits working. A quick solution is to copy the
install files to the hard drive and do the install from there, but
uninstalling doesn't remove registry settings, so that won't work unless
you're installing the card for the first time.

The fix is relatively simple.  Be sure to back up your registry first and
yadda, yadda. yadda.

ImagePath: \??\D:\AutoRun\PCANDIS5.SYS

We located PCANDIS5.SYS in C:\WINNT\System32\.  Removing D:\AutoRun\ and
replacing it with C:\WINNT\System32\ did the trick!


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