Linksys Router BEFSX41

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I have the above Linksys router.  At various times I get the message
"unplugged network connection".  After up to about ten seconds I get
the message "connected at 100.0 mbs".  

To determine if the problem if the problem was with my router or my
modem I reinstalled my old Netgear RP614 router.  This router does not
have a built in firewall.  With the Netgear configuration my system
was up for about 18 hours without any unplugged messages.  

This morning I reinstalled the Linksys and within the first ten
minutes I got four unplugged messages.  After each message the system
did reconnect.

My question:
    Is there any way to fix this problem other than buying a new
    Is there any software to detect the location of the problem?
    Is this firm related?   My firmware is version v1.50.9.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Linksys Router BEFSX41

Call your ISP and ask them what MTU they are using. Linksys default is 1492,
my ISP uses 1452.


Re: Linksys Router BEFSX41


Can you tell me where the MTU value can be found on the Linksys Router



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Re: Linksys Router BEFSX41

I think it depends on you router and firmware version. On mine, it's under
"Advanced" then "Filters" toward the bottom of the page.


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