LG-Philips: a $340 million quaterly loss

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LG.Philips LCD, a leading liquid crystal display manufacturer, on Tuesday
announced its largest-ever quarterly loss and plans to reinvest in
notebook and monitor screen facilities.

For the three-month period ending June 30, the Dutch-Korean joint venture
reported a net loss of 322 billion won ($341 million), compared with a
profit of 41 billion won in the same period last year.


Maybe if they'd stop screwing customers, they'd do better.


Re: LG-Philips: a $340 million quaterly loss

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Well Im one of the biggest whiners about Philips CRT TVs which are
also a joint venture or at least parts are supplied by Samsung or LG ,
maybe both. They suck royally. You can find tons of posts , reviews
everywhere about how theirs died after 1,3,6 months or 1 year usually
out of warranty. My HDTV died not that long after warranty 1.3 years
or so and I took it to the official service center to pay out of my
own pocket whcih is a whole other area or wretchedness. After 3-4
monts and counting theres no word if or if ever it will be fixed. I
took it back twice since they didnt fix it right. The way it is now
they just keep saying please wait someday itll be fixed. Ive pretty
much written it off in my mind but keep calling due to the faint hope
it will be fixed.

On the other hand though everyone seems to be losing money. Abit has
had big financial problems and they say BenQ is selling off their LCD
line due to low margins and they already sold off their optical drives
to Liteon etc.  The more higher end makers like Sony, Samsung,
Viewsonic and the rest are all trying to desperately make money facing
an onslaught of cheapo makers that are also losing money so everyones
cutting costs which results in poorer service and less quality.  Right
now everyone is having problems though people tend to jump on one
bandwagon or another and single out one brand usually while sparing
others that are also having problems. Dell has had a rash of problems
and was getting bashed. Sony was being bashed by various people and
Toshiba was mentioned recently in terms of their cheapo laptops that
theyve been selling a lot on sale for 399-499. Ive never seen the
amount of bad consumers reviews -- length and variety of Philips and
their partners CRT TVs. There are some websites with long long list of
people who say theirs died in a 1-6 months and youll see the same
scattered similar reviews at various review sites.

I like VIewsonics and theyve had good reviews the last year or two at
places like Toms etc a while back but there used to be the same
bashers of Viewsonic for a while who were constantly hyping Samsung
two years or more ago. Thats changed now since Toms and Anandtech have
picked other brands but there tends to be waves of hype.  

Re: LG-Philips: a $340 million quaterly loss

JohnS@hawaii.rr.com wrote:

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If you've read my recent post (see link above), you'll understand that
what I've written off my mind is LG-Philips.

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It does seem so to me. They hype certain monitors for reasons that are far
from apparent to the eye. OTOH, they don't give a damn about quality of
construction, and service. It doesn't make much sense to me.

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