Lexmark X4550 and wireless scanning, or, wireless scanning NOT

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There have been some news group articles about the inability of the
X4550 to do wireless scanning.

The X4550 IS CAPABLE of wireless scanning. Although not noted on the
box, the manual makes the implication as does the front panel LCD when
it shows your computers and tries to get the "applications list."

The problem is not the printer, it is the lack of proper software with
the X4550.

While experimenting with the X4550 scanning, I found it would scan
correctly to my Compaq desktop, but not the laptops. All PCs have the
X4550 Imaging Studio software installed.

What's differenent about the desktop, you ask? It has a Lexmark X8350
attached to it which same with the Lexmark Productivity Suite
Software. This is the software required to accomplish wireless

When I installed the Productivity Suite on my laptops I was able to
wirelessly scan to them from the X4550. As a side note, generally the
Productivity Suite icon in the System Tray on the laptops will have an
"X" indicating that the X8350 isn't running. You can still scan to the
computer, and when you run the Productivity Suite, it will open the
selected application (chosen by the X4550 LCD panel) and display the
scanned item. NEAT!!!!

Lexmark Tech Support will not give in to the fact that the software
supplied with the X4550 is deficient. Their solution is to disable the
X4550 Scan display of the computers wireless connected.

I sent a nasty to them:
Thank you for the prompt reply.

However this is the wrong answer. The X4550 is fully capable of
wireless scanning. Although the box doesn't say it has the capability,
the manual implies that it can and the LCD panel on the X4550 clearly
shows it should be capable. Further I have demonstrated the

The correct answer is:
Sorry for the inconvenience. In an effort to save money, the necessary
software to perform wireless scanning with the X4550 was not included.
The required software is the Lexmark Productivity Suite which is
included with more expensive all-in-ones, such as the X8350 which you
have used to enable wireless scanning from the X4550. If you desire,
we would be happy to send this software package to you.

There appear to be many unhappy X4550 users who can't scan wirelessly
because the necessary software was not included. Check Google Groups.
I will post this information there.

I suggest you also nag Lexmark Tech Support. This a really capable
printer that they have crippled.

Joe Kool 1

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