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I've got a question about the new X3550 from all-in-one Lexmark.

I hears it's got a wi-fi option, like it's twin brother, X4550. So why
the hell X4550 is two times more expensive? I also heard thet you have
to buy something else for the X3550 to work in wi-fi. Is it true?

What you get in the box when you buy the X3550? Does it let you to work
in a wi-fi, or do you have to buy something else?

Hoping for an answer

Re: Lexmark X3550 - question

BarMan wrote:
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You have to buy a $50 card for the $80 3550 which makes it the same
price as the $130 4550. The 4550 has very slightly higher print speeds
also. All this is very clearly explained at the web site.


Re: Lexmark X3550 - question

BarMan wrote:
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Lexmark X3550  $75!  They make all their money from ink cartridge sales.
No wireless interface is mentioned in the specification section.

Lexmark X4550  $129, on sale at $115   Has 802.11g Wireless

In the USA, it is not two times more expensive.

Having a Wifi capability, makes the X4550 a much better printer.
It means you can share the printer easily. For example, in
an office where the users have laptops.

There are a couple manuals here. The "Getting Started" manual mentions
WEP, WPA, and WPA2, so there are security options. The wireless
feature is termed an "internal wireless print server", so there
is more to it than just a piece of wire for an antenna. The second
manual "Users Guide", makes little reference to the wireless features.



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