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Hey all,

This past summer, I upgraded my computer and in that upgrade, I got a
new motherboard.  It was an Intel DG33FBC, with an Intel G33 Express
Northbridge chipset.  I am content with it, but lately I have been
salivating over the X38 chipset.  Before I go out and empty my wallet on
a new mobo, I wanted to get some input from the powers that be, on the
differences between chipsets, the pros of upgrading, and what effect
such an upgrade would have.  All I really know about chipsets are that
there are a North Bridge and a South Bridge, and that the Northbridge
gets pretty **** hot.  Any info would be helpful.

Re: Lets Talk Chipsets

ldiaco wrote:
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Are you an overclocker ? Do you need a new slot configuration on the
motherboard ? Is some peripheral chip missing from the motherboard
(i.e. not enough SATA ports, no Firewire) ? Salivating is fine, if
there is a reason for it.

Perhaps if you tell us what hardware you're using with it, and
what you hope to get from the new motherboard, someone can tell
you how the X38 helps. Otherwise, at stock speed, if we blindfolded
you, you might have trouble telling which motherboard (G33 or X38)
was inside the computer case.


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Somewhere on teh intarweb "ldiaco" typed:
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Why would *anyone* be considering replacing a G33 with an X38 now when the
new P45 and X48 chipsets are only a few months away? They will be Intels
last, and greatest chipsets for the current family of CPUs.

When 'Nehalem' debuts towards the end of this year you'll need a whole new
motherboard to run them. If you must upgrade your G33 I suggest waiting for
the X48 unless you are a rich "bleeding edge" kind of guy and will jump on
Nehalem when it's introduced.

Summation: X38 is old news, X48 will be the ultimate for LGA775 and should
be on shelves near you within the next couple months.

Re: Lets Talk Chipsets

On Wed, 13 Feb 2008 16:29:49 -0600, ldiaco

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That would be a waste of time, replace the motherboard when
you want to upgrade the CPU and find you need a new board to
support the CPU you want.

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Is there a / What is the performance overhead for ECC?

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GT wrote:
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Practically zero.  Expect in the order of 1 to 5% of memory speed.

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