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I have more than a few older CPU's. I have several Intel and a few AMD's. IS
there a site where I can find out what they are? Is there a site that would
explain motherboards and CPU's in great detail?
Thanks for your help.

Re: Legacy CPU's Description

On Sun, 1 May 2005 19:16:04 -0500, "CrKHeD"

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Generally speaking, the markings on them will tell you.
Those that you don't recognize can simply be entered as
search strings in a search engine like Google.

So far as explaining motherboards, it may depend on what you
need explained.  Generally the best place to start is the
motherboard manual.  Looking through a motherboard's bios
you may find more detail, and looking up the motherboard
chipset data will reveal the core capabilities it has, which
if popular functions will tend to be implemented on a
motherboard whenever cost-effective.

Re: Legacy CPU's Description

CrKHeD wrote:
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Unless you want to start a museum you might as well donate them to a
grade school that is trying to build computers or toss them. I have seen
complete 486 boards with memory going for $5.00 at garage sales. In 1988
I bought a 25 MHz 386 Mylex super mother board for $1,100., so go figure
out what anything more than a few years old is worth, zilch. You can
build some good DOS game computers for kids with old computers and 13
inch color monitors. There were a lot of Apogee games from 1986 to 1996
that play well on these, and they are still good for basic math and word
processing for homework.
Do a good deed, and be a hero to the kids.
I never throw things out just recycle down the feeding chain.
Bill Baka

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