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I'm looking for trusted websites with LCD monitors tests / reviews.
Thanks for help.

Re: LCD tests / reviews

mihal wrote:
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I don't read their site regularly, but they do seem to put some
effort into their evaluations.


Re: LCD tests / reviews

Somewhere on teh intarwebs Paul wrote:
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I really like X-Bit. They're irreverant, don't seem to rely on sponsorship*
and very thorough.

I remember a while back trying to find reviews on a certain CPU cooler and
most of the 'review sites' gave it a good review but, if you looked closely
enough, there was almost always a "thanks to Thermaltake for supplying the
test unit" type of message. How fair is a site like that going to be? At
least those crazy Russians at X-Bit seem to pay for their own equipment.
(They test to destruction often enough, they'd pretty much have to.)


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he`ll be warm for the rest of his life." Terry Pratchett, Jingo.

Re: LCD tests / reviews

~misfit~ wrote:

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Your conclusion is not necessarily sound. Those review sites often send
out mailings with verbiage similar to: "We will be conducting evaluation
tests on ______ products. To have your product included, send it to..."
If they don't send one, their product won't get evaluated, that's all.
Purchasing a unit for the tests only stops the product manufacturer from
hand-picking a particularly cherry unit for the evaluation, thus making
the evaluation less credible, IMO.

Re: LCD tests / reviews

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Try this:

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