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hard to comprehend this

the lcd has cracked on my notebook so have had a quote to replace the exact
same make model lcd.

its 200 if they supply and fit it, yet 500 if you just want to buy the LCD
to fit yourself.

are they fitting lower quality LCDs knowing that you just might not take a
look inside.


Re: LCD replacement

On Wed, 23 May 2007 05:35:34 +0100, "Pet Parker"

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The prices you quote are odd.  I doubt it is lower quality
though it's possible.  I would consider it a wierd situation
atypical of common pricing models, not a sure sign of what
you suggest.

Without enough info I'm almost wondering if they reversed
the prices, if it's 200 for panel alone and 500 for them to
replace it, as that seems to align better with expected
pricing on "some" panels.

Re: LCD replacement

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I have been quoted 200 for them to fit the screen...

Google searches have revealed prices ranging $400 in USA, 495 + VAT and
then this which is the
company that quoted the 200. They have not yet replied with a cost for just
the LCD but I assumed it would be as per their web. Rather odd I think.

Re: LCD replacement

Pet Parker wrote:
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Are you certain that the quote to "fit the screen" isn't just in for
labor, and there'll be an additional charge for the LCD screen.

Re: LCD replacement

Pet Parker wrote:
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My guess would be that they will install a used LCD salvaged from a junk
computer for 200.  Or they will sell you a new LCD in the original
factory packaging for 500. Given the way the prices on mainstream
notebooks are going I would certainly take the cheaper price, at least
as long as they are willing to give a reasonable warranty on their parts
and labour.

My own notebook is starting to develop a tiny crack at the top centre
and it doesn't affect usability right now. But if it spreads I don't
doubt that a replacement computer of similar performance will cost less
than the repair parts.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

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