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Just started thinking about current displays since prices have fallen.  
Iam  not sure what the pluses and minuses of each type of display is. I  
also notice that TV's are now LCD and plasma as well.  I also read
somewhere that as far as resolution is concerned it makes no difference
among LCD makers.  Any words of wisdom on the subject.  Thanks in Advance

Re: LCD or TFT


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Figure out what you want?
Really, that's about it.  Big or small, cost, color
accuracy, speed (if LCD), resolution (if LCD tv vs LCD
monitor).  A newsgroup really isnt' the place for a long
tutorial about monitors in general, there should be quite a
few Google hits to cover the basics of modern displays.

Re: LCD or TFT

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Not sure what you mean exactly. For TVs theres Plasma vs LCD vs CRT
and various projection etc displays. CRT they say looks best but
obviously limited in size , weighs a ton and takes up a huge amount
space. Ive sworn off CRTs though you can find some good deals. My
local Wal Mart has a display 30" widescreen HDTV for $410. Others have
been posting CHEAP deals since last year. Many places are clearing
them out.

There are DLP etc but I havent really looked into that stuff.

The really popular types now are plasma and LCD. Salesmen used to say
get a plasma if you can afford it. They tended to be really expensive
but for a flat panel type TV, they dominated the large sizes and were
brighter, had good color and didnt have some issues associated with
LCDs like poor black levels and slow response. For gaming there were
burn in issues though.

For LCDs --- same problem of high cost, limited max size. They also
were poor in black levels, not the most accurate colors and initially
had slow response times.

Like many Ive sworn off CRTs ---- too big and bulky , too much of a
hassle. Still have my Philips HDTV CRT in the shop 5-6 weeks later and

Ive got a LCD now HDTV now and the prices have come way down. Its easy
to carry around. Plasma has fallen too but its still for the larger
sizes and costs proportionately more for the large size. People say
its fragile , harder to move --- also burn in issues though I heard
thats improved. They used to say it consumed a ton of power around 400
watts. MSN recently claimed plasma and LCDs were similar in power
consumption nowadays but I dont know if thats true. If you have 2
grand or more and want a huge flat panel take a look at plasma.

If you want something slightly smaller the LCD HDTVs are now 26-40+
and falling steeply in price. They have improved the black levels and
colors and response times. Not perfect but I really dont notice huge
problems with my Olevia 26". I think its at Compusa this week for $549
after a 50 buck rebate.

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