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Why do LCD monitors typically look so much better than laptop screens?

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Laptop displays are designed to not only run off of wall outlet
supplied current but battery power as well.  In battery mode, they
must be much more efficient than a desktop monitor which would eat up
a laptop battery in a matter of minutes (if not immediately).
Therefore most laptop display properties, configurations and graphics
chips/cards have efficiency modes that dial back the capabilities by
default unless you go in and adjust them manually.  However, there are
limitations to just how well it will stack up to a desktop display.  A
desktop display has internal hardware to maximize its capabilities
working with the display adapter and video chipsets.  The laptop
display has little in the way of internals because of its small form-
factor and the graphics chips are usually not as aggressive as the
ones onboard a desktop system.

Hope this sheds some light on the display difference :)

Re: LCD monitors wrote:
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Because better screens sell .
People compare them to a crt, not to a laptop,
and expect (better than?) crt level of quality.

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