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I strongly need your opinion on LCD monitor Eizo 1931 :) I've read many
tests about it (maybe too many so i'm confused now :).
I need monitor for purposes like long-time reading many texts (especially
e-books in pdfs), browsing the Internet, programing - writing and reading
source codes and maybe watching movies - but only from time to time.

I want monitor to be as healthy for my eyes as it possibly can be. It's
mainly because I spent many hours in front of the monitor - even 13 hours a
day (both day and night).

BTW. It's 19" monitor. It'll be situated 90cm in front of my eyes (small
desk) - isn't it too close for monitor of that size??

I will be very grateful if you help me take final decision. Thanks in
advance for any hints and opinions. I cannot afford a monitor more
expensive than this one, but maybe you know a monitor a lot better in
similar price, if so of course you can suggest it.

If you want to contact me via e-mail, remove NOSPAM before '@'.
Best regards

Re: LCD monitor - Eizo 1931

di0xid wrote:
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IMO, YMMV.  Most current monitors will do what you need.  Ninety cm,
almost a meter, is pretty distant in most normal use.  My monitors are
at about 0.4 meter.  I adjust the brightness when, and if, my eyes tire.


Re: LCD monitor - Eizo 1931

On Thu, 24 May 2007 00:48:48 +0200, di0xid

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No, if anything 90cm might be a bit far away to use a 19"
monitor as many websites /etc these days use small fonts.
Otherwise it is an acceptible distance, not too close.

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Since I have never seen the Eizo 1931 I can't make any kind
of recommendation about this.

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