laptop won't boot. weird problem.

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I hope I don't make this long...

My laptop diedf on me a few months ago. It was running nicely and then
it hanged, so I powered it off, and  it wouldn't start again. i.e I
wld switch on the laptop, the harddisk could be heard spinning, any cd
in the cdrom  would spin nicely, but the screen wld remain blank, hard-
disk light showed no activity

Sparing you all the details.. I tried everything(ram,cleared the bois,
cleaned the mobo, external monitor) and concluded that the problem was
with the motherboard.

after 2 months (2 weeks ago), I started it up and and behold! it was
working. I switched it off again(to attach the Harddisk), restarted
and it wldn't work again..:( So I again disassembled it and
reassembled  it and this time it started worked for good.

But yesterday I attached a usb to ps2 connector and bam, it hanged.
and again there is the same problem..

Now my question is
surely the mobo is not fried since it worked nicely for 2 weeks
what can I do more?? and what cld be possibly wrong here?
A guy did check the mobo with a volt meter and concluded that he will
have to check it furthur at the service center..

Thank you

Re: laptop won't boot. weird problem.

On Mon, 28 Jan 2008 06:33:38 -0800 (PST),

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I remember a laptop given to me a few years ago for checking, which
sounded to be in a similar state. When powered on you could hear the
Hard Drive spin and then it would shut down.

Researching suggested that there was a short somewhere with a contact
on the motherboard being the culprit. I could start it if I physically
tried to bend the whole laptop.

Taking it apart didn't reveal the root cause but I was pretty sure
that somewhere a screw or connection was shorting. In the end I
couldn't remedy it other than the bending method which only solved it
for a few more sessions before giving up altogether.


Re: laptop won't boot. weird problem.

Try this:,548-page,1-bid,4/video.html

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